How it Works

The TV Top Shelf allows you to "Reclaim the Space" above your TV.  It comes in multiple size widths from 6" Wide (Small), 12" Wide (Medium), and 24" Wide (Large) to accommodate a variety of mounting solutions.  Perfect for any TV whether mounted to a wall or on a pedestal, stand or furniture.  It is less than 5" deep and works on any TV.  

Sound from Above

With today's thinner TVs, the need for extra sound and speakers is required to improve the home entertainment experience.  The TV Top Shelf is a perfect product to easily mount and place extra speakers or sound bar.  No drilling, screws or hardware required to mount the shelf.  In fact most audio content is from the top 1/3rd of the TV screen so by positioning the speaker at the top of the TV provides a more realistic audio experience.  

Easier to Shoot Up than Down

By placing your set top box (Direct TV, DISH, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Comcast or any set-top box) on top of your TV it provides better line of sight access to change channels and use the remote.  

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

TV Top Shelf provides a convient and simple way to cleanly

No Tools or Hardware Required