THS-230T Extra Large Premium Slim Tilt TV Mount (46" - 90")


THS-230T Extra Large Premium Slim Tilt TV Mount (46" - 90")
The STANLEY® THS-230T Tilt Mount is for larger Flat Panel TVs. The THS-230T Tilt mounting system features a slim and sleek design for a clean and low profile appearance. With only a 1” depth from the TV to the wall, it saves space in the room and is a safe way to display your TV while providing an optimal viewing angle.

Product Features
• Designed and built for larger screens, while providing a low profile and easy to release secure solution.
• Configured to 16” and 24” Stud Systems for secure installation.
• Large wall bracket for accommodating wiring and power access behind the TV.
• Features several state of the art safety, security and adjustment features.
• High performance and an affordable price.
• Made of high quality steel for ultimate rigidity and long lasting performance.
• The STANLEY®: “Magnetic Tab” system gives users quick access to the release mechanism without having cables, wires or strings hanging from the back of the TV.
• The “Click and Release” system permits easy access to the rear of the TV without special tools while securely affixing the TV to the wall.

Product Specifications
• Weight Capable: 130 lbs / 59 kg
• TV Size: 46” – 90”
• Depth: 1.2”
• Tilt Amount: 0˚ to -12˚
• Swivel: None
• Extension: None
• Level Correction: None
• Mounting Pattern: 200 x 100 up to 800 x 600
Technical Data
Suncraft Model#: THS-230T
Country of Origin: China
Color/Finish: Black/Matte
Product Net Weight: 5.0 kg/11.0 lbs
Inner Box Size: (LxWxH): 36.8 x 6.8 x 2.2 in / 93.5 x 17.3 x 5.6 cm
Master Carton Size: (LxWxH): 37.5 x 7 x 7.8 in / 95.3 x 17.8 x 19.9 cm
Master Carton Net Weight: 37.7 lbs / 17.1 kg  
Products Per Master Carton: 3
Master Cartons Per Pallet: 30
QTY Per 20’ Container: 2340
QTY Per 40’ Container (HQ): 4770

Box Contents
Instruction Manual QTY: 1
A (Wall Plate) QTY: 1
B (Wall Plate Cover) QTY: 2
C (TV Bracket) QTY: 2
A (M6x16) QTY: 4
B1 (M8x16) QTY: 4
B2 (M8x25) QTY: 4
B3 (M8x45) QTY: 4
C (M10x16) QTY: 4
D (M8 Washers) QTY:1 0
E (M10 Washers) QTY: 4
F (Spacers): QTY:4
G (Lag Bolts) QTY: 6
H (Wall Anchors) QTY: 6 
L (Bubble Level): QTY: 1
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